Shuttle Service

“Mauro Martinuz started to play solo performances 2 years ago, getting inspired by ambient and minimalistic music (like Eno and Riley). There is no real structure in his compositions but a continuous overdubbing of walls of sound  generated from the electric guitar. The different sequences are linked together by field recordings and noises generated by contact-microphones. Using just electric and acustic guitars, a violin bow and pedal effects, he creates his own sound full of random melodies and minimal beats obtained by beating the pick-ups.”





“silk disctrict”


2007, cd-r


1. district n.1

2. district n.2

3. district n.3

4. district n.4








“magnifying pictures”


2005, cd-r/ FREE mp3


1. picture n.1

2. picture n.2

3. picture n.3

4. picture n.4