The Ugly Dog Syndicate is a collective of artists. The focus of the project is on human / artistic relationship instead of businnes. The purpose of the Syndication is to support independent artists/labels cooperation through split-cds and co-releases. We are also working on some camps/backdoorfstival to allow us to meet each other, and of course make some project togheter. The project involves at the moment mostly music, but we're opened to "other fields artists" as well.

If you're wondering to send us some song you're welcome, but please, consider to listen some songs you find in these pages, and visit some links also, so that you can have an idea about the music we like.

I really want to thank Jana that have runned the UglyDogRecords till here (you can find the "old" UglyDogRecords web site in the links section), and to make me discover some really lovely bands; thanks to Onga and Mauro of Basemental (see the links section) for they support (and for a few words i've stolen them for the introduction up here...), also thanks to Emmanuel (Yeepee) and the other people more or less involved in the project...

We also want to thank Eleonora for her draws and illustration.

take care,


The Ugly Dog Syndicate
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