yes, we've been out for a while, but we actually find out the password to manage the site.. and we're back.

so what's new? well, some dogs songs are probably appearing on a compilation compiled by our great Christian Kann (bsbta) for his Workaholic on Holiday label ( ), and a single of our beloved mr60 "Gasolin Maphia sings" is probably going to be released by the London based Ciao Ketchup Recordings" ( ) . Anyway considering nothing of this stuff is already confirmed we keep follow looking for places where to take our music and join(t)-venture with other labels as well. so don't be  that shy, call us !

and also, we're (finally ) (probably ) (hopefully ) releasing the new TiAmoAbbastanza ep tones of home !

and a new Flatland ep 's already on his way...

and (at the moment ) that's all folks !





please welcome :

mr60/neuchatel  (uglydog#14)

yes it's true, mr60 has been in Sweden some weeks ago, it was fun, yeah, and between beers and late night /early morning parties, mr60 took back some new song recorded, that will be part of a split vynil with the project of mr.Brieba, whose name is still kept secret, but we can call it "bombing brieba" in the meantime...  the release will be probably followed by a full lenght new release by mr60... well, the secret identity of Bombing Brieba it's been revealed !


videophonic /flatland (uglydog#13)

another debut on uglydogs for Videophonic ( ) and another round for the happiest Flatland you've ever heard


mesico/benny maxine (uglydog#12)

it's quite a long time we are ready for this, and i hope this split will soon come to light. The debut of mesico ( on uglydogs, plus the pretty new project called "benny maxine" we don't know much about..








































































Osteria OstiNati Open Air - Montebelluna (TV) + TAA






Zabumba a Mare - Senigallia (AN) Lungomare sud ( )






























other uglydogs & related stuff...



Another free web compilation released by MyJazzy Child. mr60 released a 80s mood cover of the song Sunflower by Low. Between lots of artists, also our dear LesmanAvecLesLunettes. Click on the image to check it out !





A compliation released by enver, featuring, between the others, our heroes mr60, anniehall, lesmanavecleslunettes and comaneci.  DOWNLOAD FOR FREE HERE.




myHONEY: Let it bee




Eisenhower - Honey Bee Stick To Me (

The smittens - C'mon! (When the Grass Grows Tall and Green) (

Minibar - La extraña pareva (

Luisa mandou um beijo - Com um pote de geléia de morango nas mãos ( )

Le man avec les lunettes - Could i call you honey? (

Half-handed Cloud - Bees Baked a Loaf for Me (or Flour from Flowers?) ( )

Celestial - former bee-keeper (

Mocca - It's over now (

Mutt Ramon - Just My Honey (

Mr.60 - Sad bees prefer flowers (

Sebastian Fors & The Ones That Got Away - Birds And The Bees (

The Shermans - Sweet as Honey (

Hacia dos veranos - La última tarde del apicultor (

Oceano da Cruz - Beehives Mighty Vicious (

Linda Guidala - La Reina debe morir (

Ant - He's The Bee's Knees ( )

Watoo watoo - Vraiment rien (bee) (

Rough Bunnies - Thought honey (

Piney Gir - Bumblebee (Abelha) ( )

Locas in Love - Wir sind Bienne ( )




Nevermind the Blossoms

AA.VV. Uglydogs#10 

Cd-R 59min.

(October 6th 2006)


  1.  LE MAN AVEC LES LUNETTES - Victorian Swimming Pool

  2.  AUSTIN LACE - Bossanova

  3.  SELFBRUSH - Did not call

  4.  MR60 - Sometime

  5.  JOHN WAYNE SHOT ME - Speakers are Microphones

  6.  INTERFLUG - Think of England

  7.  ANNIE HALL - Ghost's legs

  8.  MOROSE - imaginary walk in Grozny

  9.  COMANECI - Didn't think the same

  10.  THE FIRE HARVEST - Dear

  11.  FLATLAND - 32

  12.  LUC - Hipe

  13. FAKE P - Coward bourgeois

  14. YEEPEE - Lumiere Naturelle

  15. TI AMO ABBASTANZA - Tesi su Bob Marley (Kiewslowskian pre-mix)

  16.  FUCK BUDDIES - Song for Sylvin Rubinstein

  17.  BELAQUA SHUA - The morning heaven


Ti Amo Abbastanza - Freeboom !

AA.VV. Uglydogs#11 

Cd 22min.40sec.

(October 6th 2006)





(absent hour records)



A century of covers Belle&Sebastian tribute   (KirstenPostcards)free download here

A tribute compilation to Belle&Sebastian released  by Kirsten's Postcards.  mr60  gave their happy contribution playing their own version of "sleep the clock around"


Pio Pio - mc  (DeliriousRiotTapes)

A tape compilation for the first release of DeliriousRiotTapes, re-discover that soft and warm analogic noise that make us grow!! the "theme" of the release is "birds". mr60 perform a song called "out of the window". 


5 pezzi facili [2/5] - the frozen fracture /mr60  undermybed

"The second split of the 5 Pezzi Facili series, feature the contribution from Mr60, which first album 'mrsista from outta space' has been recently re-released by UMB, and the home veterans The Frozen Fracture. Mr.60's "Concepto:desperato" is a sort of metaphoric journey in which the band explores the vast compositive possibility given by ability of the members to alternate between difference instruments. The mellow and subtitle irony of which this halp of the EP is impregnated constitutes Mr 60s trademark. The Frozen Fracture contribution "Rare Earths Noble Gases" is also a time-travel journey. Songs recorded from Fisher-Price microphones using a VHS recorder and other sort of oddity has been dug out from the dust and collected, including two extremely rare live exhibition, in the only venue in the country from which they were not banned before even getting in. This rather random prit-stick glued brick-a-brak disaster is the ultimate experience of a musical project failure."




s t i l l  a v a i l a b l e . . .



mr60 + flatland "easy days ep"

[uglydog   bsbta]


aa.vv. "postcards"

[uglydog   lvr]

mr60:"mista sista from outta space"

[bsbta   marsiglia   undermybed]

mr60: "yeah, rock'n'roll !"



cane mangiacarne vs flatland


[ click the cover 4 FREE DOWNLOAD]






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