Chicago '95 heat wave

 C’95 heat wave

“questo è un CD ma noi lo chiamiamo EP” (Nov ’05)


1. le tue parole muovono anni

2. dijo si cuando queria decir no. Pero la campana es asi

3. è con la pioggia

4. tracks 5-6 from MD, but just one song



we were children,

we were blonde,

also young.


C’95 are not blondes anymore.

So, we become older & minimalist,

misfits of ourselves.

We still don’t know how loosing hair will affect us.

Hopefully not being heavy metal will help.


C’95 are couple at the moment, which means two people.

It may vary, we hope it does…

Mauro brings talent to the project,

Daniel brings nothing, sometimes tea.

Mauro says hello, Daniel says the tea is almost ready.

Mauro smashes the guitar with the violin bow,

People blame Daniel for his violent past.

People have always the right on this duo.

Meanwhile, Daniel is perfoming a nice siesta…

Someone is coming to make some videos…Thanks.