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Shuttle Service









Shuttle Service

“silk disctrict”


2007, cd-r


1. district n.1

2. district n.2

3. district n.3

4. district n.4

Chicago '95 heat wave




C’95 heat wave

“questo è un CD ma noi lo chiamiamo EP”


Nov 2005, cd-r/freemp3


1. le tue parole muovono anni

2. dijo si cuando queria decir no. Pero la campana es asi

3. è con la pioggia

4. tracks 5-6 from MD, but just one song


The Singles mp3

















j o h n n y - d r y







n y c  







 t o n i g h t

 *cover courtesy of EmilOne artwork






R.Piper is a project that arises from the meeting of claro and mr60, in a condition of total loss of good sense. R.Piper is the worst part of us, is ungently, unfair, and alchool addicted. Anyway you may like his deep ironc and deconsrtuctionary mood...

"can you meet your mouth, after ?"

feb 2005, cd-r


bastard people collective

  1. c'mon don't stop your pelvis
  2. disco kebab
  3. baby cinderella
  4. crack ! we are frogs
  5. bad bottle
  6. autoscontreros
  7. cool cars
  8. back from Paris
  9. O.G.G.
  10. make you ha ha ha





The Terrible Crew

featuring MastaDP, MC Propheeta, YoungaBrotha, LastaRizla, MolotovOne, Mickey D., R.Piper, MistaSista and Gigi ...

terrible crew "god save the boops"

2005, freemp3/cd-r


bastard people collective

1.LastaRizla    2.GanstaRastaInNebraska    3.GG   4.FuckingStoned     5.MaxiBongSucker     6.Lanuit    7.RapShit      Cover


<<<  we would better never ever done this....but we did  [n.d.r.]







claro  "the place where kings of vespa dies"

2004, cd-r


bastard people collective




claro  "save summary informations on file"

2004, cd-r


bastard people collective





I N F O S ? ? ?

hey you whatta hell  ... you may be asking yourelf whatta hell we are whatta hell we want... hey bro be quite , shut up,who the hell are you bro?.... whattta hell you want from me , you come here bro, you come here in my quite web site while  i'm here spitting rhymes with tha friendz, drinking wine , tryin' to get money for paying the rent, so maybe you want to buy some stuff here , let's do some business  , riskless ,  we got some brand new hit , suppacoola grove that you can't miss , bro...

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